Friday, May 22, 2015

Is MayraMM really Marcie Wogan from Lutherville Timonium, MD?

An ongoing investigation against Marcie Wogan is happening as we type this and some of us are traveling to Florida to testify against this woman, Marcie Wogan who has lied about us, made hate blogs about us and even threatened us. Why? All because we support Toni Ingram, a mother who lost her daughter to murder in 2011.  I think it's clear we won't ever stop until justice is served but what isn't clear is how a woman can get away with harassing not only innocent people like us, but children too including 6 year old Tiffany Davunt and 7 year old Connor Curry. Wogan is also jealous of a woman who goes by the alias Kirclaire. We have spoke with this woman and she is a victim of Marcie Wogan like most of us. We will get into this at another date. In the meantime, a new court date is pending but if you are in Florida you may want to check back very soon because you will be seeing most of us soon in court.
For the truth about Marcie Wogan, check out these blogs explaining the truth about this individual representing Team Keenan.

Enough said, MayraMM is a liar

I never read the "hate" blogs created by Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) from Eugene, OR. We are talking about a mentally ill woman who is friend's with the family that will do just about anything to prove a convicted felon, criminal is innocent. We know Keenan Vanginkel killed Morgan Ingram and we know people want to come forward. Some may have already come forward and called the tipline, we don't know.
The point I am making is, I had the chance to read her hate blogs along with listen to her podcast and everything this woman has said is a boldface lie. It's really baffling to me how a grown woman (or man, don't know what she is, don't care) can sit there and literally spread lies about innocent people. Everything she has said about Toni Ingram, Jodin Davunt, Sarah Afshar, Joe Valo, and many others are complete lies. All because they believe Morgan was murdered (which Ingram was murdered and it was by Keenan Vanginkel).
A grown woman who is in her 50s talks a lot of crap on her many sock accounts (T4MTumblr aka Shelby is really Mayra, Mayra's impersonated Marcie Wogan on some of her many socks with Keenan's criminal enabling mama Jennifer Johnson according to recent investigation, and the use of mentally ill people like this Odegard dude from Portland, so they lie about people to further her agenda because it feeds her need to spread even more propaganda).
Mayra, your IP to Eugene that coordinates to your home has been exposed through your use of free VPN. Everything this woman has said is a lie, a total lie. She's even falsified evidence and tried to pass it off as fact, but when you read the Keenan Vanginkel blog you can see his real work hours. This woman is not a hero by any means so don't fall for her scam. Everyone can see by evidence that Keenan was in Carbondale, CO the day of Morgan Ingram's murder, not Texas. What more is there to say here? There really isn't. Look at the facts and let them speak for themselves. Keenan Vanginkel killed Morgan Ingram and this woman is a pawn being used to spread propaganda. I think I have said enough, MayraMM is a liar.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

As MayraMM continues to lie about Toni Ingram and her supporters

We stick to the facts. There are hundreds of us and we are not going anywhere.

Keenan Vanginkel's work hours.
Keenan was not in Texas, like it was stated in the original police reports. As you can see, he was in Colorado working at City Market in El Jebel, Colorado. Now lets take a look at Keenan Vanginkel in the Ingrams driveway.
You can tell it's him in the video. It was taken with a wildlife camera, so there are no time stamps. Why did Keenan Vanginkel deny being near the Ingrams when he denied being near their house? Keenan Vanginkel was stalking Morgan Ingram, that is why. Morgan identified him. Now she's dead. We would like to see Mayra Martinez spin this one. She can't because she's a huge liar and friends with Jennifer Louise Johnson (Dupont), the mother of the suspect.