Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another year without Morgan Ingram

Happy New Year!

I hope Toni and Steve Ingram that 2016 is the year they finally get justice for what happened to their daughter Morgan.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

RIP Morgan Ingram

RIP Morgan! I think 2016 will finally be the year Keenan Vanginkel finally gets what he deserves, a place in a prison cell.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A guy by the name of Brian who also supports Toni and Steve Ingram made a really good point when he said: "The truth is hate speech to someone who is a liar." Mayra Martinez is a liar and we have proven it time and time again. She has proven herself to be a liar by falsifying Keenan Vanginkel's work records. We can't help but question, has she had help with falsifying this very key yet so vital information?

The question we have is - why is this woman conspiring to cover up murder? What is her motivation to defend a clearly guilty man? Why is she spreading lies about his whereabouts? Why is she saying he was never at the Ingram's when there is video footage of him looking directly at the camera? Yes folks, he is looking directly at the camera.

If she is befriending Jennifer Johnson, how do we know she isn't friends with Lou Vallario? Is she conspiring with Lou Vallario to cover up murder? Is he paying her? Her crimescene cleanup is a small business that isn't registered with the BBB, so it is obviously not as active as she says it is. She claims she is a martial arts teacher and the company claims she doesn't work for them. She claims she is a bass player and she is not in a band. What would be her reason? She's online all of the time attacking Toni Ingram and basically anyone who believes Morgan was murdered Keenan Vanginkel. If she claims she doesn't know the family, what reason does she have? Is she trying to keep the case closed? What is she afraid of? Better yet, what are they afraid of?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

MayraMM supports convicted felons with criminal records

Mayra Marie Martinez (aka MayraMM) from Eugene, OR supports Keenan Vanginkel and dozens of other convicted felons, as she slanders victims and blames them for whatever she can to justify her stance with the said criminals. Not sure if this is ego or simply a way to deflect the truth from getting exposed. She thinks she is a hero supporting these people but folks, this woman is a zero because let's face it, anyone who supports these types of people while slandering their victims is and will always be human garbage.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Is MayraMM really Marcie Wogan from Lutherville Timonium, MD?

An ongoing investigation against Marcie Wogan is happening as we type this and some of us are traveling to Florida to testify against this woman, Marcie Wogan who has lied about us, made hate blogs about us and even threatened us. Why? All because we support Toni Ingram, a mother who lost her daughter to murder in 2011.  I think it's clear we won't ever stop until justice is served but what isn't clear is how a woman can get away with harassing not only innocent people like us, but children too including 6 year old Tiffany Davunt and 7 year old Connor Curry. Wogan is also jealous of a woman who goes by the alias Kirclaire. We have spoke with this woman and she is a victim of Marcie Wogan (or whoever it is, behind the account) like most of us. We will get into this at another date. In the meantime, a new court date is pending but if you are in Florida you may want to check back very soon because you will be seeing most of us soon in court.
For the truth about Marcie Wogan, check out these blogs explaining the truth about this individual representing Team Keenan. (she is threatening James McGibney and has taken the usual stance to defend convicted felons and criminals, although we are unsure if Jojo Camp and Neal Rauhauser really are criminals. They are like angels in comparison to Keenan Vanginkel)